Eryka and Neil’s Chic Loft Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

Usually I’m an outdoor wedding kind of gal. I love me some tall grass and golden sunsets. But when Eryka said the words “LA loft wedding” I couldn’t say “I’ll DO IT!” fast enough. Eryka and Neil have been together forever. I remember them being deeply in love all the way back when we knew one another in college at Chico State. They’ve since traveled the world together and lived abroad, raised perfect baby frenchies, and made all of it look effortless and exciting.

I was thrilled when they asked me down to LA to shoot their incredibly sheik loft wedding. The Hotel Indigo was the perfect compliment to their urban loft space, with tall open windows and modern accoutrement throughout. Of course, Eryka couldn’t get ready without her dog of honor. That little one totally stole the show! After a sweet first look in the lobby, it was off the the gorgeous loft for group photos and meeting up with the rest of the bridal party. Their ceremony was filled with gut busting laughter and sentimental tears, making it all the more obvious these two sweethearts are totally meant to be. The night continued in a joyous fashion with hilarious toasts, a romantic first dance, and a truly one-of-a-kind (almost) cake fail. The couple laughed and danced all the way into their happily ever after, which is exactly the way it should be.

I’m super stoked for these two and I wish them all the best in their marriage. May it bring love, laughter, and (hopefully) more furry friends. 🙂



18 thoughts on “Eryka and Neil’s Chic Loft Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

  1. Neil nearly killed Øystein Flenning in Oslo in 2014 , did you know THAT. Google Øystein Flenning. I guess you do, since you have known them forever. Very sweet couple, I am sure. Øystein had let them stay for free at his house, and he barely survived. 9 stab wounds.


      1. I am from Norway, currently living in Denmark. Many in Norway think a terrible injustice has been done to Flenning. This couple’s story does not add up. Jessica claims, he tried to rape her. How would anyone attempt rape AFTER they have called the police several times, begging them to come? As Flenning did, telling the police, I am in danger. Jessica also had a knife. And why, if Neil only wanted to stop Flenning, did he stab Flenning 9 times? He almost died. These are not nice people. Flenning had never been in trouble with the law. He had a high paying job and lived in the best part of Oslo. There is something seriously wrong with this couple, and the police did a terrible job. There is a documentary in several parts made about this story. I don’t know if it can be viewed from the States. Maybe Netflix will pick it up.


      2. I’ve learned quite a bit today from searching around and in my true crime groups. This is absolutely unreal to me. It’s very difficult to wrap my head around anyone being involved with something like this, especially someone I know. Thank you so much for expanding on the case and general feeling in Norway. I appreciate it!


  2. Documentary up and running tonight on TV here in Norway. Strong account from øysteins point of view, but where they also focus on large discrepancies in his story, as well as trying to explain why this may occure in victims. Police recording that he was NOT a suspect, but a victim, when they first interviewed him, in spite of medical doctor there saying no, twice. They also focus on the police not being as hard on them, as on him. The couple was asked to cooperate with the producers, but declined.
    They claimed that it would be a subjective presentation.


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