Hot Boy Summer

If you haven’t heard yet, 2021 is the year of the Hot Girl Summer. After a year plus in quarantine we’re out here in skimpy bikinis shaking our asses and making up for lost time. It’s truly a glorious time to be alive and vaccinated.

It’s also the summer of the Dad Bod. While I’ve expressed my love for the dad bod for a touch longer than the season now dictates, everyone else is apparently catching up to celebrating the butts, bellies, and bulges of fluffy men. Again, a glorious time to be alive!

I figure that with all the joy and anticipation of summer, these two themes don’t need to be mutually exclusive! In honor of 2021 bringing the littiest tittiest summer in known history, I present to you a selection of dudeoir for the newly dubbed…


If the video wasn’t enough, take a peek at some of the awesome pics (a little closer up, perhaps?) below!

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