Starr + Chad’s Cozy Country Wedding

6.5.21 – Turlock, CA

Starr and Chad are high school sweethearts turned forever partners earlier this summer at a charming little ranch in Turlock, CA. It was clear to me how well loved these two are with their massive wedding party and hundreds of guests. The funny thing is, you would have thought these two were all alone on their day; they truly only had eyes for one another. Star took an emotional walk down the aisle drawing tears from her, her dad, Chad, and even her sweet little brother/ring bearer. Their rustic outdoor tablescapes screamed cozy country charm and the addition of solo cups for the kegs inspired a super fun party vibe. Of course, there’s nothing like a country party to really turn things up to eleven once the sun goes down. I had such an amazing time chatting, dancing, and drinking with the Russo/Pattee crew. Cheers with beers to Starr and Chad!

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