Brad +Jen

Incline Village – Lake Tahoe, NV

Sometimes I know from the beginning that a couple is going to be super fun to work with. I mean, that happens more often than not, but there was some thing about Jen’s effervescence and infectious smile and Brad’s bubbly excitement that had me hyped right from the beginning.

Since I’m terrible at blogging, I’m just now getting around to posting their awesome photos from last summer. Tahoe looks a little different right now (thank goodness for all that snow) but we all know that summer and incline Village is nothing to scoff at. Their ceremony was surrounded by towering trees and perfectly backed by the crystal blue waters of the lake. Jen was a mix of hilarity and nerves before she saw Brad in his cute blue suit. They both looked gorgeous standing in front of their simple draped arch, laughing and crying throughout their ceremony.

Brad and Jen’s main goal was to spend quality time with their friends and family. This meant lots of champagne, cocktails, dancing, and joking around. I was able to sneak these two out to the dock for some epic sunset photos and boy was is worth it. I may have convinced them to walk through the waves and almost knocked them into the water from the dock, but I think these are simply the risks of shooting with me. 😉

I’m so glad they chose me as their photographer and I hope that as their family grows I’ll have more wonderful photos to share. For now, cheers to Brad and Jenn and all the happiness their lives together will bring!

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