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George & Elisa’s Rainy Day Wedding in Livermore California

Imagine this; it’s three days before your wedding and the skies are pitch black. Rain is pouring down and there’s no sign of it stopping. Your venue, an exclusively outdoor historical site, has just informed you that you need a special permit to put up tents for your event. The permit will take weeks to acquire. Imagine switching venues for your entire event that same afternoon and imagine handling it with such grace and charm and humor that guests wouldn’t even know it it all happened just a few days before your wedding, save for the call informing you of the new location.

Elisa and George were THAT couple. Along with their planner, Kelsey at Avida Bridal, they were able to find a solution within hours and move everything around. Their acceptance of the situation and roll of their eyes at the twist of fate before them was right in line with their incredible character. They are kind and lighthearted and full of love for each another, which in no way was dampened by the stormy weather. They were lucky enough to still be able to get ready at and do their first look at the Ravenswood Historical Site in Livermore, where they had originally intended to do their entire wedding. The covered wraparound deck was the perfect spot for an intimate and tearful; first look. It’s always beautiful to watch the raw emotions unfold between a couple so in love. After braving the rain for a couple of fun group portraits we headed over to their new ceremony site, The Barn in Livermore.

Their beautiful lavender laden arch looked perfect against the rustic aluminum siding of this rustic indoor venue. Their purple table linens and pops of color in the flowers throughout brought a cheery disposition to an otherwise gloomy day. There was a very sweet walk down memory lane in the form childhood photos interspersed with sweet treats to snack on while viewing. Of course, the rain let up directly after their ceremony for just enough time for us to head outside and get some beautiful couples photos. Even mother nature wanted to give these two a break on their special day.

One of the most exciting parts of their day was when they did a long held German tradition called a log cutting ceremony. The couple uses a traditional two-person saw to cut through a large log. The tradition aims to symbolize the first challenge the couple will face as husband and wife. George and Elisa may have had a slow start, but they got their rhythm and ripped through their log in a little less than four minutes. With a solid high-five to seal the deal, this couple had officially passed the first test of married life!

Along with being fantastically fun people all around, Elisa is also an incredibly talented musician. She showed off her skills and intertwined a violin performance with her deep love of George. The couple then shared a sweet first dance with a couple of twirls and a lot of smiles. The epic party came to a close with a ribbon wand exit as these two headed out into their future together. I’m so happy I was the one who got to capture their day, it was such an honor to be there!

Congratulations George and Elisa! ❤


Lisa and Sean: Swedenborgian Church Wedding + Hotel Kabuki Reception

Lisa and Sean are a quirky and fun couple who put on all the stops for their amazing San Francisco wedding in September. Lovers of both culture and architecture, their ceremony was held at the stunning Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco and their reception was held at Japan Town in SF at The Hotel Kabuki. The church is over 120 years old and provides a rustic and enchanting backdrop for weddings of around 80 people. The Hotel Kabuki is in juxtaposition to the old world church, with plenty of modern pop art and colorful decor. The combination provided the best of both worlds and made for a stunning day from beginning to end.

Some of my favorite moments of Lisa and Sean’s day include her adoring aunt doing a live stream on behalf of her family who couldn’t attend for nearly the entire day, their adorable dog sprinting down the aisle in the church, a rad wall of records at the entrance of the hotel reception where they popped a bottle of champagne, and all the swaggy ridiculous dance moves them and their guests busted out all evening long. Their day was full of goofiness, laughter, joy, and LOTS of dancing; I feel so incredibly lucky to have been a part of it! For your convenience, a vendor list can be found at the end of this blog post.




Photography: Katherine Elyse Photography​ // @LoveKEphoto

Coordination: Avida Bridal ​// @​AvidaBridal

Ceremony: Swedenborgian Church​ // @SfSwedenborgianEvents

Reception: Hotel Kabuki​ // @HotelKabuki

Florist: Natalini Flowers​ // @natalini.flowers

Cake: The Cake Maker

Band: The Lucky Devils​ // @LuckyDevilsBand

Transportation: SF Limo Express

Molly and Matt {2016}

It’s a tale as old as time… boy meets girl, girl captures boy in a web of Disney infused romance, boy realizes he’s the prince to her princess, proposal, party, Party, PARTY!

Molly and Matt are some of the sweetest and most genuine people I’ve ever met. I don’t think I ever saw Molly without a smile on her face, and it wasn’t just for photos. Obviously their day was filled with a LOT of laughter and joy!

The Croatian American Cultural Center made a perfect back drop for their colorful Fall wedding. Pops of yellow and purple accented Molly’s fiery red hair and elegant stark white gown. Matt and his crew rocked some awesome checkered Vans to match, tying everything together in a cohesive and relaxed bow. Cute chalkboard signs and an INCREDIBLE do-it-yourself ribbon backdrop showed them down the aisle (led by her amazing FLOWER-GRANDMA!) where they tied the knot in front of rows full of friends and family. A kiss, a first dance, and a cake cutting later and it was onto a rockin’ party with TONS of dancing and of course, (not just a few) shots. I’m so lucky these two goobers chose me to be their photographer and I’m happy to say that they aren’t just clients anymore, but wonderful friends. 🙂



Huge shoutout to my amazing second shooter Felice from Felice Russell Photography for all her wonderful photos! Wedding planning provided by Design Atelier.

Maddie and Sean: Under The Sea {2016}

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where a handful of friends have entered the category of “people I’ve known longer than I have not known them”. I’m also at a rad age where everyone around me is getting married, having babies, and all around living their lives to the max. It’s an incredible time in everyone’s lives and it’s made even more magical, for me, by getting the chance to take part in some of my friend’s big events.

I’ve known Maddie since we were about 12 years old. We were amazingly awkward teenage band geeks at a summer camp in the woods when we first met. Nowadays we’re still both thriving artists just trying to make a living and stay sane. I was ecstatic when she reached out to me to shoot her wedding, and I was NOT disappointed with her plans.

It was beautifully foggy and cool when I arrived in Monterey to get some detail shots and capture everyone getting ready.


The bridal party got ready on separate floors, which was ADORABLE because the bride and groom kept yelling up and down the stairs to one another and chatting. Everyone was being ridiculous and having a TON of fun.


The neat set-up also gave me lots of access to both groups of the bridal party, which was super super convenient for me!


There was a tiny space in front of a window for Maddie to dress, but you’d better believe all her girls piled into the room to help!


Once she was dressed, we took a long moment just for her to embrace the feeling of truly and finally being a bride. I teared up looking at Maddie. You could not have asked for a more surreally gorgeous angel of a bride.


After everyone was dressed and ready, we headed over to the Monterey Bay aquarium for a fun and airy first look out on the open sea balcony.


I can do a million first looks, but the look on the groom’s face when he sees his love will ALWAYS make me melt.


We had a few minutes to enjoy the ocean breeze and check out the otters in the Monterey Bay. It was cool and quiet and really really magical.


The ceremony was in front of the ‘Open Ocean’ exhibit and it was exactly as incredible as it sounds. There were literally LIVE FISH watching them tie the knot! It gave a whole new meaning to the term “wedding bubbly”!


After they made it official, we got free reign of the aquarium for a few more wet, fishy kisses. It was the most unique location I’ve ever shot in and their truly palpable love for one another could have filled an entire ocean.


We kept the PDA going, despite the peeping tom. 😉


Luckily we were able to head back outside with the incredibly silly bridesmaids and groomsmen for some super fun bridal party shots before the sun disappeared!


From then on it was go, go, go with a huge party in front of the otter tanks at the aquarium. I’ve never seen a wedding that was hovered over by a whale skeleton, but I’ve got to say, the aesthetic really worked! 😉


Maddie and Sean, I am so unbelievably happy for you guys. I’m proud to have been able to capture your special and unbelievably unique day and I am looking forward to a lifetime of love and happiness for the both of you. 🙂